May 22, 2015


I'm now 27 weeks along.  The midwife came to our house today.  This is the same midwife who helped deliver my sister's past 2 babies and also my friend from church's baby (who was born on May 10th, Mother's day)!  We went to meet sweet baby Lydia.
My midwife is one who will assist in a home birth.  I am planning to give birth to our baby in our water!  She will bring a birthing tub (we just supply a disposable liner).  I do not want to be hooked up to IVs with a hub of noise and being checked on and have a fetal monitor the whole time, I didn't see any benefit of being in the hospital with my previous births, and post-partum I can truly rest, won't have to have my vitals taken every few hours.  However, I am prepared to go to the hospital, if necessary.

I have been to an OB who supports midwives who do home births.  I decided not to have an ultrasound.  We won't know the sex of the baby until he or she is born.  We are prepared for whatever God gives us, if the baby is sick in any way, we wouldn't change our mind...we are going to love this little one. ♥

Our basement was waterproofed and finished and is pretty nice.  We have been cleaning it up (it's the haven where all my scrapbooking and arts and crafts items are) so that we can use that space for our bedroom, as our bedroom will become a room for the new baby.
It's been a busy few weeks, we visited Rob's grandma who had gotten very ill...she died 3 days later, in the meantime, my father fell and broke his hip and was in the hospital, now he is in a nursing home for rehab, but is being treated for pneumonia, having difficulty swallowing, on a pureed diet, doesn't have much appetite because it's like eating baby food.  My mom has been with him 7am to 9pm almost every day, then she goes home, which is just a mile away to sleep.

Rob's sister flew in...for the funeral, and we got to spend extra time together.  We went to see the butterfly show that comes here every spring:
I am sick, coughing a lot, especially at night and lost my voice a few days ago, but am doing fine otherwise.  One cannot plan everything, we have to do what God plans for us, which may be difficult.
So, if you can, please say a prayer for Rosalee's soul, and the family that is grieving her loss, and for my dear dad, Father Paul (the photo above was taken in the hospital last week), and my mom, Barbara, who is vigilant in caring for him, and also for me.  And if you know anyone who is sick...go visit them, tell them you love them!

May 8, 2015

Mother's day is coming...

Olivia made me these earrings at a workshop at the library across the street. She couldn't wait to give them to me on Mother's day.  I love them!  They used a doodler pen, which is like a glue gun, but takes thin rods of colored plastic and melts them.

This past Sunday, I got terra cotta pots and paint, this coming Sunday we will plant flowers in them for the children to give to their mothers.
Velvet loves being outside when the weather is nice, but she spends half of the time in and half of the time out.
We planted the garden and I wasn't happy to see the chickens escaped and got into the row of carrots for their dirt "bath" BUT I had to admit they were pretty cute!  ♥  As you can see, we have lots of maple seeds that have fallen into our yard from the neighbor's tree.  Every year, this happens and we have to weed and pull up silver leaf maple seedlings.
I hope you remember your mother's love this Sunday, and if you are a mother, enjoy spending time with your children.  I'm finding that my girls (11 and 13) are growing up faster than I imagined, they are independent in so many ways. 

April 27, 2015

Out of town cousins

 We enjoyed spending time with family who was visiting from out of town.
 Although we have had a lot of rain, we've had lots of sunshine, too.  Everything is growing. 
 That's our plum tree covered in white blossoms!
We spent a lot of time outside.  Squirt guns and bubbles!

Face 2 year old niece and 13 year old daughter.  It was the second time...the first time she only had a little bit on, this time she got the full treatment.
I'm now 24 weeks along and feeling pretty good.  I was reading that the baby grows a lot this week, from being 1 pound to a pound and a half!  It belly is getting big!

April 14, 2015


Bright Monday after Liturgy...everyone in our family...there are 20, soon to be 21 in 4 more months!
One of the boys in my art class gave me a pomegranate seedling.  It's been growing, from 4 leaves to 8 leaves right now.
I'm knitting a sweater for the baby...
 Olivia mowed the lawn with help from Dad.
 All ready to hunt for eggs hidden in the backyard...
 The mothers of little ones, testing their arm strength.  They tied...and it was intense.
Here is a picture of me...21 weeks along!

March 26, 2015

Eggs from yarn!

We made eggs to decorate the light above our dining room table, just in time for Pascha - or Easter.  Basically, we used this tutorial:, but instead of using round balloons, we bought water balloons.  I poured half a cup of Elmer's school glue into an old plastic container and half a cup of water and then measured about 6-7 yards of yarn (I used 100% cotton yarn Sugar n Cream) for each one, and set the yarn in the container to soak up the gluey stuff.  Then, tied the end to the end of the balloon to anchor it (if it wasn't so slippery I'd omit this step, because getting the balloon out is hard, I ended up cutting the yarn and balloon off a few).  Let it dry outside, in the sunshine, or inside hanging, with newspaper under, because it will drip.  Then the next day, you can pop the balloon!  And voila! 
When I was young, we made these in elementary school and our class hung them on the school Christmas tree.  I've also seen a BIG balloon wrapped in yarn, and then made as a "lamp shade." There are so many neat ideas out there!
Also, we planted wheat grass 5 days ago...and look how fast it's growing! 
I really love teaching art class.  For one of the classes, I brought fresh flowers and put them in several different vases on the tables and the students used pencil to draw it and then watercolor paints.
 Below, this boy, wanted to create a modern looking flower:
It's definitely spring here in Ohio, still cool weather, but our grass is finally starting to turn green!

March 19, 2015

Big bowl of pho

Yesterday was St. Oliva's day.  Olivia's name's day!  We went to a Vietnamese restaurant and got spring rolls (had mushrooms, lettuce, cilantro, mint and rice noodles in it) with a peanut sauce, and also pho...
Actually this is only the medium size bowl of mushroom pho...our first time having pho, which is a Vietnamese rice noodle soup, with green onions and cilantro and mung beans on the side, which I piled onto mine.  Yum.
Hannah got bamboo shoots in hers, too, she said it tasted like wood, if it weren't for that, she would've loved it.
Rob finished his whole bowl (he got medium)!  I got a small bowl, which I finished, too, but it was plenty for me. 
We'll be back for more, it was a nice way to celebrate.